Domestic Jewels

If a thimble is enlarged to many times its normal size, it becomes a hat—a very hard and protective hat.
If it is made even bigger perhaps you could hide underneath it. It becomes a turtle shell, a safe hollow, a cave.
What would happen to a tea ball, or a kitchen knife, or an iron?

This series of work investigates the possibile alternate functions of common domestic objects, in many cases those associated with what has traditionally been considered women’s work in the home.

Objects such as antique metal thimbles are already beautiful in design. Enlarged and reinvented in seductive silkscreened colors, they achieve a purpose and place in our contemporary lives that is very different from their original use.

Thimbles I-III (Falling Jewels), silkscreen on paper, 30”x22” (each), 2020

Domestic Jewels 1-10, silkscreen on paper, 16”x12” (each), 2020