Zines act as a complement to the rest of my artistic practice and provide an opportunity to experiment with a combination of text and image. The zines I make often investigate the same subject matter as my other work, but they allow me to explore that subject matter in different ways. Sometimes they inspire new work, and sometimes they are a way for me to work through a problem I am having in something already underway.

                 Plugged, pages from an eight page mini-zine, 2021

Super Soft, pages from a collaged eight page mini-zine, 2021

Georgezine #1, selected pages, 2020

Georgezine #2 (How many George’s can you fit...?), selected pages, 2020

Some more about ZINES

Zines provide quick satisfaction and are easy to share with others. If you have never delved into the world of zines before, now is the time! I encourage you to try creating your own. There is a template below to get you started. Make your zine about anything you like: your mood, what you ate for breakfast, politics, the news, a book you read, an object you like (or don’t like). You can tell a story, create a comic, make it text only, image only, or use both… the only thing you have to do to make it an official ”zine” is call it just that. Have fun and enjoy the process of creation!